Lady Gaga: A Female Boss

I’m now more in awe of her talent galore; Lady Gaga is a female BOSS!


If you’re gonna leave then leave – Verse 2

Remember when you told me you were having doubts? I waited patiently to let you try and figure things out. But this time, you can’t fix this, with a quick kiss, I’m gonna do me; it’s time I be a little selfish. I’m smiling, living life and I’m not even bitter, But I hope you’re […]

Rap: Don’t you dare UNDERESTIMATE me!

You start at the bottom, whatever that may be, Believing all these haters ain’t got nothing on me. “I’ll make it to the top”, you say, “Just wait and see, Not by being someone else, but just by being me!” You know that you can do it so you try everyday And you may not […]

Liebster Award 2016

This is a very very very very very very late response to my nomination (due to exams and other random stuff) so I extended my deadline.  But thank you so much for my nomination Pawful living🐾🐾doggiebloggie Check out her great blog here: Here are the official rules for nomination and acceptance of the Liebster Award. […]

Rap: A little preparation goes a long long way!

If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail You better not begin to think that things will sail Smoothly, To be the best you can be You’ve got to work hard, it’s true you will see When it comes to the test, you’ve got to do your best! On the road to success, the […]

The Door (inspired by Georgie Moon)

During a commenting bootcamp I came across this blog: (check it out) and there was post about a door by the lovely Georgina Moon that I challenged – “What’s with the fascination of the door?” She said it was part of a Thursday photo challenge and I was intrigued to try it out myself, […]

Writing 101: Commit to a Writing Practice: #2 – Cold War by Janelle Monae

Write about the three most important songs in your life – what do they mean to you? This is such an important song to me as it was the song that established Janelle Monae as my favourite artist and is one of the reasons I love music so much. Not only is she stunning, she […]