Keep rising up!

You’ve got to have faith over fear.

Keep any haters out your ear!

They try to say something? I can’t hear?

I do not need their negativity

They’re just chatting air,

Bare breeze I’m feeling but I’m sliding through,

I keep it real and they’ll see how I do.

I’ll be running up that mountain,

I’ll be running up that hill.

They can waste their time, “Keep stunting,

Let me know how rock bottom feels!”

I’m moving up and the sky’s the limit there’s no stopping me!

I’m soaring, flying high I am so free!

I’m using every metaphor but they’ve never felt like this before,

“Be my guest, come on, I’ll let you peek.

Come take a ride on the green side,

You must be sick and tired of being on the mean side.”

It may be hard to make envious people change,

So you keep rising up and

hope one day they’ll do the same!



Big yourself up a little (or a lot)

“I am stunning and so are you!”

Some people don’t like to give themselves credit for how awesome they are in the fear that they won’t look humble or they’ll sound like their bragging but I think this is a great thing to do from time to time.

There is a verse in Proverbs that says: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he“(Proverbs 23:7). This is one of the Proverbs I live by because I believe having a positive mindset can make you a fortune in life, whether that is regarding money, work, relationships or more.

How can we expect to be successful, beautiful, wealthy or stunning, if we don’t think it ourselves!?

So based on my reading of a few other motivational books (including the Bible) I’ve made some tips to try and remind us how stunning we are, help with achieving goals and getting a better mindset:

1.     God made us beautiful! Every morning when you wake up, look in the mirror and pay yourself a compliment.

2.     When someone/ a shop assistant/ a neighbour/ a family member/ a stranger asks “How are you?” ask them back and actually listen, you never know who you may help.

3.     Write down your goals somewhere and read them EVERYDAY.

4.     Plan to achieve these goals – decide what route you’re gonna take.

5.     Be a visionary – Visualise where you will be, stick a picture of that goal/ car/ house/ holiday somewhere

6.     Start your plan TODAY!

7.     See your plan through – create momentum, keep going & don’t stop!

8.     Become a finisher, no matter how bad; it’s better to reach for the sky and land on a cloud rather than staying on the ground.

9.     Know yourself  – you will do your best if you’re really passionate about your work or whatever you’re doing.

10.  Feel free to make mistakes! That’s how you learn. Just get back up ignore the negative people, as they’re not even trying to change their lives, and try again.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Swiss Sensation: The Zurich Diaries

What a creative title 😀

Somewhere I have been quite a few times and would love to visit again is Zurich, Switzerland. The city is full of so many things to do and the amount of things we got up to in only a week is surely evidence of these. 

Visiting Zurich was a wonderful experience, from the plane ride to the days spent there. First of all, when we were getting off the plane, we were given delicious Swiss chocolates and honestly they were preparing me for the amount of chocolate I was going to eat there! Another tasty treat we got on the plane was a Swiss cheese and ham sandwich. The taste of the rich cheese blended with the ham and soft bread was truly irresistible.


Anyway, enough food talk. When we actually got there, we went to the city centre and purchased some shoes, bags, clothes and more. As previously mentioned…

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You did me a favour mate! [4]

I gave you my love and I gave you my attention!

I went above and beyond for you, I should mention.

We did a lot for each other that’s true,

But now you want to ‘find yourself?’

OK,  you do you boo.

Ex-boo, Mr man, no title,

It’s vital to ‘cut it cut it’

You can watch me fly till

I’m long gone, flying high with someone new.

I’ll thank you as I like to give credit where it’s due.


You did me a favour mate! [3]

Well I hope you find your stuff

And someone strong enough to pick ’em up.

I’ll be heading off, looking buff as usual,

I won’t stop!

Leaving you behind has only made me more attractive.

Whereas I’ve heard your love life’s pretty much inactive!

I had my levels but you clearly couldn’t reach them.

I was willing to settle but you left me in the deep end.

Sometimes it felt like we were only living for the weekend,

We made it work but I guess your bitter feelings deepened.


You did me a favour mate! [2]

I’d say, “Let’s stay friends!”

But trust me I’ve got enough of those.

We came to an end, you lost me. Another chapter closed.

I still have more chronicles, but as far as our story goes,

‘Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.’

I’m travelling on a path I thought we’d travel on together,

Had to make some alterations; now I’m feeling so much better.

All that extra baggage I had, when I took you on

Is scattered on the floor somewhere behind me;

Now that you’re gone!


You did me a favour mate! [1]

I thought we were meant to be,

But suddenly you decided to up and leave me.

At first I was shocked and I might have shed a tear,

But my emotional ride is over, you thought I’d take a year!

Well I guess you’re wrong again like you were wrong about me.

We had a good thing but I guess you couldn’t see.

I thought I was love blind, you know you meant so much to me,

But things got quite ugly, so thank Jesus I can see!



WE STAND TOGETHER! #WestminsterAttacks

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Marks a day I wish we had never seen.

Sitting at my desk on my first full day at work

I heard a colleague from afar; she was going berzerk,

“This crazy man crashed his car and he’s running around with a knife!”

Another colleague said, “At least nobody has lost their life.”

But we spoke too soon, listening to updates on the news.

The sun shone yellow through the window but we were left feeling blue.

“Around 8 to 10 injured people were left lying on their backs!”

A witness described. “It’s probably a terrorist attack.”

Said another collegue from her chair with shock on her face.

“Maybe he’s Muslim.” No! I’d call that a disgrace!

A disgrace of human nature, a disgrace to Britain

A disgrace of religion and what has been written

In the holy book that so many people follow.

Yes, it varies in every religion but what I find hard to swallow

Is that interpretation that makes one feel so supreme;

That they can rise above God and cut lives short as they scheme,

Against the life He had planned for Aysha Frade, a mother of two;

PC Keith Palmer, a kind and loving officer who

Risked his own life. Leslie Rhodes was a neighbour, a friend.

Kurt Cochran, a loving husband. All these lives came to an end!

Because one man felt it was his place to be

Driving in the front seat, killing comfortably.


This horrible news has left millions shaken,

But nobody should be left mistaken,

Thinking we will crumble, devolve into war.

We stand together! Our unity is definitely worth fighting for!


We stand together!

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My #EgoChallenge

I’ve met a number of people who have said I can’t be as big as I want to be our do what I want to do, either because statistics are against me, my skin, my gender or because they were just demotivated themselves.😬 I know I will do great things, whatever they may be, so yes I have a big ego but that’s part of me! 

You’ve got to have faith over fear,

I keep them haters out my ear.

You tryin’ to say something? I can’t hear.

Don’t need your negativity, child, you’re chatting air!

Bare breeze I’m feeling but I’m sliding through.

I keep it real so you watch how I do.

I’ll be running up that mountain,

I’ll be running up that hill,

You can waste your time keep stunting,

Don’t tell me how rock bottom feels!

The sky’s the limit there’s no stopping – me.

I’m soaring, flying high, I am so – free.

I’m using every metaphor,

You’ve never felt like this before

So be my guest, come on, I’ll let you pree.😏

Come take a walk on the greener side,

You must be sick and tired of being on the meaner side.

I never ever thought I’d meet a content non-achiever.

Then I saw your face and now I’m a believer!😂


Lady Gaga: A Female Boss

Watch her epic superhero SuperBowl Halftime show here!

I was absolutely stunned by what I saw last night.

Lady Gaga flew and sang and danced with all her might.

She wowed us all with fireworks and colour changing stars.

Who knew little Stefani, with a big dream, would go so far.

I must say I’ve been intrigued with her quirky style

We haven’t seen an artist quite like her for a while.

She’s faced comparisons and criticism but she always does her best.

You can do what you want with her body, she’ll still have that power in her chest.

There was no Poker Face tonight but there definitely was Applause.

She Just Danced through all emotions. She said, “Hey dad, hi mum!” I paused.

Lady Gaga is human, she was Born this way, but she’s given herself to us.

I’m now more in awe of her talent galore; Lady Gaga is a female BOSS!

By Cazzy

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