My Shepherd

I was just feeling blessed today and decided to share this poem I wrote. Religious or not, it’s good to know we’ve got some holy protection. You may be lost, in a world of sin.
 So let Jesus Christ, the Saviour come in.
 He was sent by the heavenly father above.
 And that shows us […]

Rap: Don’t you dare UNDERESTIMATE me!

You start at the bottom, whatever that may be, Believing all these haters ain’t got nothing on me. “I’ll make it to the top”, you say, “Just wait and see, Not by being someone else, but just by being me!” You know that you can do it so you try everyday And you may not […]

Poem: So Dave says Nigeria’s “fantastically corrupt”…

If you’ve flicked on the news recently I’m sure you’ve seen what’s been disclosed to the Queen & the public about Nigeria and Afghanistan. Well here’s what Nigerian President Buhari had to say and I absolutely love it! According to *** Afghanistan and Nigeria are said to be the most corrupt Countries in the world. This […]

Rap: My TEAM

You think I need you in my life well I don’t! You claim I’ll call on you one day listen clearly I won’t! You had your chance to be a part of the squad, But I had a sweet escape, ’cause you blew it thank GOD! I will do me, that’s the best that I […]