Rap: My TEAM


You think I need you in my life well I don’t!

You claim I’ll call on you one day listen clearly I won’t!

You had your chance to be a part of the squad,

But I had a sweet escape, ’cause you blew it thank GOD!

I will do me, that’s the best that I can be,

You go on and be a hater, I’ll walk over you with glee

I’ve never been much of a waiter but I’ll serve you happily

With a slice of my success I like to help the needy,

That’s all you’ll ever be, hungry for a piece of me

Don’t try to knock me down, you’ll just end up way beneath me

Come to a show, check out my flow, I can really help you grow

Everybody knows I can be a BEAST on my own,

Just so you’re not alone you can have a photo!


This is a verse from a cover of Iggy Azalea’s song TEAM. If someone is just gonna come into your life and not add any quality, just negativity, then YOU DON’T NEED THEM! I had to cut ties with someone recently for this reason and I feel a million times better!

Click here to listen to the cover featuring an amazing dramatic orchestral version!

Any suggestions on topics I can rap about in the future are welcome 🙂


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