Rap: Don’t you dare UNDERESTIMATE me!


You start at the bottom, whatever that may be,

Believing all these haters ain’t got nothing on me.

“I’ll make it to the top”, you say, “Just wait and see,

Not by being someone else, but just by being me!”

You know that you can do it so you try everyday

And you may not have the time but you always find a way

To say, “I’m gonna do it ’cause today it is my day!”

You’re not lazy, you can do it, but you’ve got to make a change.

They may say you are nobody now,

It’s those people that will queue just to see you bow!

Because you’ve always been somebody

They just find it quite dodgy that they didn’t realise till now.

So while you’re busy being famous

You can do whatever, Oh yes it will be shameless!

While they live their lives both lost and aimless waiting for your fall!

(But you won’t fall.)


The Daily Prompt today was: UNDERESTIMATE

So I wrote a poem for my mentee telling her not to let others underestimate because I know she will be successful in the future and others see it too, so the moral of the poem: Keep doing YOU!

For more Daily Prompt entries visit: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/underestimate/


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