Rap: Don’t you dare UNDERESTIMATE me!

You start at the bottom, whatever that may be, Believing all these haters ain’t got nothing on me. “I’ll make it to the top”, you say, “Just wait and see, Not by being someone else, but just by being me!” You know that you can do it so you try everyday And you may not […]

Poem: So Dave says Nigeria’s “fantastically corrupt”…

If you’ve flicked on the news recently I’m sure you’ve seen what’s been disclosed to the Queen & the public about Nigeria and Afghanistan. Well here’s what Nigerian President Buhari had to say and I absolutely love it! According to okayafrica.com. *** Afghanistan and Nigeria are said to be the most corrupt Countries in the world. This […]

Rap: My TEAM

You think I need you in my life well I don’t! You claim I’ll call on you one day listen clearly I won’t! You had your chance to be a part of the squad, But I had a sweet escape, ’cause you blew it thank GOD! I will do me, that’s the best that I […]

Rap: A little preparation goes a long long way!

If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail You better not begin to think that things will sail Smoothly, To be the best you can be You’ve got to work hard, it’s true you will see When it comes to the test, you’ve got to do your best! On the road to success, the […]

Freestyle: Situation-ship (Crying over you)

I never thought I would feel like this. A few months back I was waiting for that kiss, But here in the present we’re not on the same page. How I wish we could go back to that pleasant stage, Where I’d get all excited because you’d kiss my cheek. You’d say something funny and […]

Poem: May I have a penny please?

A random funny fictional tale: One day a man spoke to God And what he asked Him was quite odd: “How long is a million years to you?” “It’s about a minute, I’m sure that’s true.” “Well how much is a million pounds?” “To me it’s a penny, that’s what I’ve found.” The man was […]

The Door (inspired by Georgie Moon)

During a commenting bootcamp I came across this blog: https://georgiemoon2016.wordpress.com (check it out) and there was post about a door by the lovely Georgina Moon that I challenged – “What’s with the fascination of the door?” She said it was part of a Thursday photo challenge and I was intrigued to try it out myself, […]

An attempted translation of Rihanna’s song Work

I absolutely LOVE this song and that catchy chorus so I wouldn’t change a thing! But… The reason I believe a translation had to done Is because these lyrics haven’t been understood by everyone. “It’s gibberish”, “It’s nonsense!”, that’s what people say Because they can’t comprehend the dialect and this is not OK! It’s completely understandable […]

Away with discrimination and hatred!

We are people; we are all the same. Of cource there are differences, in appearane and in name. In shape of features, shape of bodies and the colour of our skin. Some people look and act alike, some find it hard to fit in. But we are people; all human and difference can be great. […]