Freestyle: Situation-ship (Crying over you)

I never thought I would feel like this. A few months back I was waiting for that kiss, But here in the present we’re not on the same page. How I wish we could go back to that pleasant stage, Where I’d get all excited because you’d kiss my cheek. You’d say something funny and […]

Poem: May I have a penny please?

A random funny fictional tale: One day a man spoke to God And what he asked Him was quite odd: “How long is a million years to you?” “It’s about a minute, I’m sure that’s true.” “Well how much is a million pounds?” “To me it’s a penny, that’s what I’ve found.” The man was […]

The Door (inspired by Georgie Moon)

During a commenting bootcamp I came across this blog: (check it out) and there was post about a door by the lovely Georgina Moon that I challenged – “What’s with the fascination of the door?” She said it was part of a Thursday photo challenge and I was intrigued to try it out myself, […]

An attempted translation of Rihanna’s song Work

I absolutely LOVE this song and that catchy chorus so I wouldn’t change a thing! But… The reason I believe a translation had to done Is because these lyrics haven’t been understood by everyone. “It’s gibberish”, “It’s nonsense!”, that’s what people say Because they can’t comprehend┬áthe dialect and this is not OK! It’s completely understandable […]