WE STAND TOGETHER! #WestminsterAttacks

Wednesday 22nd March 2017 Marks a day I wish we had never seen. Sitting at my desk on my first full day at work I heard a colleague from afar; she was going berzerk, “This crazy man crashed his car and he’s running around with a knife!” Another colleague said, “At least nobody has lost […]

Rap: Protest — The Daily Post

Why should my race affect my taste? Why should my skin determine how I fit in? #Protest

If you’re gonna leave then leave – Verse 2

Remember when you told me you were having doubts? I waited patiently to let you try and figure things out. But this time, you can’t fix this, with a quick kiss, I’m gonna do me; it’s time I be a little selfish. I’m smiling, living life and I’m not even bitter, But I hope you’re […]

Rap: Don’t you dare UNDERESTIMATE me!

You start at the bottom, whatever that may be, Believing all these haters ain’t got nothing on me. “I’ll make it to the top”, you say, “Just wait and see, Not by being someone else, but just by being me!” You know that you can do it so you try everyday And you may not […]

Poem: So Dave says Nigeria’s “fantastically corrupt”…

If you’ve flicked on the news recently I’m sure you’ve seen what’s been disclosed to the Queen & the public about Nigeria and Afghanistan. Well here’s what Nigerian President Buhari had to say and I absolutely love it! According to okayafrica.com. *** Afghanistan and Nigeria are said to be the most corrupt Countries in the world. This […]

Freestyle: Situation-ship (Crying over you)

I never thought I would feel like this. A few months back I was waiting for that kiss, But here in the present we’re not on the same page. How I wish we could go back to that pleasant stage, Where I’d get all excited because you’d kiss my cheek. You’d say something funny and […]

Rap: Raindrops

Well there’s problems everywhere, some people do not care! Some people try to help, some people do not dare! Some people go around, living their lives completely unaware Of the bad struggle and strife around them. Round and round struggle comes and goes, Instead of friends increasing people have more foes, And it shows! Black […]

Writing 101: Serially Lost – Living with strife

Living with strife will only ruin your life. You just want to take the knife and get it over with. NO! You better get control of it, because living is the way to go, And I know that. No matter where you’re coming from, If you’ve lost friends or family, a dad or a mum. […]