Poem: So Dave says Nigeria’s “fantastically corrupt”…

If you’ve flicked on the news recently I’m sure you’ve seen what’s been disclosed to the Queen & the public about Nigeria and Afghanistan. Well here’s what Nigerian President Buhari had to say and I absolutely love it! According to okayafrica.com.


Afghanistan and Nigeria are said to be the most corrupt
Countries in the world. This comment made my heart erupt.
I am an anonymous British poet but I am also Nigerian.
I’m absolutely disappointed with this idea that we have “bacteria” in
Our country’s system that’s “obviously” led to to the said corruption.
But Dave stays calm as if the UK’s not involved in our country’s destruction.
Interruption: I once had a tour of the Houses of Parliament.
And our tour guide is lucky she didn’t end up in an argument
With my African aunties, ’cause she would surely lose.
She tried to say African assets were “gifts” to them. We were all amused.
Special furniture made with African wood and expensive antiques
Were just “given” to the UK? Of course my interest had been piqued.
“You meant stolen!” Said a few aunties all in accordance.
She continued on with the tour, obviously that was more important.
Well back to the present, after Dave’s chat with queen,
He came into contact with Buhari, how awkward that must have been.
I love that at the Anti-corruption Summit Buhari didn’t demand an apology,
He wants something tangible; help to retrieve stolen funds in this country.
The UK is partly to blame as they “provide a safe haven for corrupt assets”
Here and overseas. Let’s work together to prevent more upsets!
It’s good the UK’s trying to help & Dave wants to tackle this head on, it’s written;
I know the UK have got lots to do, even for themselves, just watch“Rip off Britain*”.
It inspired me to write the poem today.
Yes, corruption has become a part of daily life in Nigeria for many, but President Buhari is doing a great job in trying to change this. I think it was so unprofessional of David Cameron to say this, especially when he was going to see Buhari a few days later!
*Rip of Britain is a show on BBC 1.
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 8.32.17 pm




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