If you’re gonna leave then leave – Verse 2

Remember when you told me you were having doubts?

I waited patiently to let you try and figure things out.

But this time, you can’t fix this, with a quick kiss,

I’m gonna do me; it’s time I be a little selfish.

I’m smiling, living life and I’m not even bitter,

But I hope you’re doing fine despite losing your babysitter.

You’re a quitter! No hate. Just truth. No sinner.

You gave up too fast, I only settle for the winners.


So let’s make it official, moving on I will be killing it.

Don’t start a new argument; trust me I’ll be winning it.

You say you want me to be happy; “find somebody new.”

It won’t really be that hard to find somebody to replace you.

If you want me to lie to you and tell you I’m in love.

Then you really, really, really need some guidance from above,

I tried my best, did everything I could do.

But I’m afraid you won’t find someone new to put up with you.realizing-you-terrible-for-me-breakup-ecards-someecards



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