Swiss Sensation: The Zurich Diaries

What a creative title đŸ˜€

Somewhere I have been quite a few times and would love to visit again is Zurich, Switzerland. The city is full of so many things to do and the amount of things we got up to in only a week is surely evidence of these. 

Visiting Zurich was a wonderful experience, from the plane ride to the days spent there. First of all, when we were getting off the plane, we were given delicious Swiss chocolates and honestly they were preparing me for the amount of chocolate I was going to eat there! Another tasty treat we got on the plane was a Swiss cheese and ham sandwich. The taste of the rich cheese blended with the ham and soft bread was truly irresistible.


Anyway, enough food talk. When we actually got there, we went to the city centre and purchased some shoes, bags, clothes and more. As previously mentioned…

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