Lady Gaga: A Female Boss

Watch her epic superhero SuperBowl Halftime show here!

I was absolutely stunned by what I saw last night.

Lady Gaga flew and sang and danced with all her might.

She wowed us all with fireworks and colour changing stars.

Who knew little Stefani, with a big dream, would go so far.

I must say I’ve been intrigued with her quirky style

We haven’t seen an artist quite like her for a while.

She’s faced comparisons and criticism but she always does her best.

You can do what you want with her body, she’ll still have that power in her chest.

There was no Poker Face tonight but there definitely was Applause.

She Just Danced through all emotions. She said, “Hey dad, hi mum!” I paused.

Lady Gaga is human, she was Born this way, but she’s given herself to us.

I’m now more in awe of her talent galore; Lady Gaga is a female BOSS!

By Cazzy

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