Writing 101: Commit to a Writing Practice: #2 – Cold War by Janelle Monae

Write about the three most important songs in your life – what do they mean to you?


This is such an important song to me as it was the song that established Janelle Monae as my favourite artist and is one of the reasons I love music so much. Not only is she stunning, she created a a beautiful video to accompany this wonderful song. I would definitely recommend you watch the video for this song (it is very very very different from my #1 song, Anaconda; much more classier) and it is literally just the gorgeous Monae going through a range of emotions.

Bringing it all back to the song, it is just so strong in it’s message and the topic is very different to most of the songs released at the time. The lyrics are so poetic and thought provoking that I just fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. Additionally, anyone in love with the guitar will absolutely adore the guitar solo in the song that just adds that extra great quality to such an amazing song. I urge anyone to listen to the song andd any of her other work and fall in love with her talent.


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