You did me a favour mate! [4]

I gave you my love and I gave you my attention! I went above and beyond for you, I should mention. We did a lot for each other that’s true, But now you want to ‘find yourself?’ OK,  you do you boo. Ex-boo, Mr man, no title, It’s vital to ‘cut it cut it’ You […]

If you’re gonna leave the leave – Verse 1

You called me up last night Telling me you’re sorry that we had a little fight. “Are we good baby? Are we all right? The thought of losing you gave me quite a fright!” But you wanted to end things, you said we were done! And now you want to change your plea suggesting I’m […]

Writing 101: Serially Lost – Living with strife

Living with strife will only ruin your life. You just want to take the knife and get it over with. NO! You better get control of it, because living is the way to go, And I know that. No matter where you’re coming from, If you’ve lost friends or family, a dad or a mum. […]