You did me a favour mate! [3]

Well I hope you find your stuff And someone strong enough to pick ’em up. I’ll be heading off, looking buff as usual, I won’t stop! Leaving you behind has only made me more attractive. Whereas I’ve heard your love life’s pretty much inactive! I had my levels but you clearly couldn’t reach them. I […]

You did me a favour mate! [2]

I’d say, “Let’s stay friends!” But trust me I’ve got enough of those. We came to an end, you lost me. Another chapter closed. I still have more chronicles, but as far as our story goes, ‘Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.’ I’m travelling on a path I thought we’d travel on […]

Rap: Never knew how much I loved you – Part 2

Continuation of my song inspired by my 2 friends that got married after he found out he no longer had a brain tumour! #BeautifulLoveStory I never knew how much I loved you. It took time, but now I know it’s true, That our love is golden; I had my heart stolen, The day I set […]