“A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

A message to the critics

“A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

And I know that I’ll surely win when you’re knocked off your imaginary throne.

‘Cause to me your negativity is actually pathetic,

So you better watch your mouth or else I will make you forget it!

You’ll regret it, every stupid, rude phrase you said.

I’ll be moving on swiftly and you ain’t getting ahead.

I’ll be closer to the top while you’re foolishly at the bottom,

If you didn’t mess with me, maybe you wouldn’t be forgotten!


No negativity is needed this new year, go out and be awesome and remember: the more successful you become, the more people are gonna hate. You just keep on being great!



Relevant words for the New Year!

Things may look gray right now,
As I’m looking for somebody who can tell me how

The future plays out, do I disappoint or wow?

If you’ve ever found somebody

then feel free to tell me how?

You’ve got to work hard and sure you may look crazy,

But only to the people doing nothing, being lazy.

Keep faith, have hope, put on your fighting face.

If you don’t take a step forward you’re always in the same place.


Make a decision to become a master at what you do best!

Rap: Never knew how much I loved you – Part 2

Continuation of my song inspired by my 2 friends that got married after he found out he no longer had a brain tumour! #BeautifulLoveStory

I never knew how much I loved you.

It took time, but now I know it’s true,

That our love is golden;

I had my heart stolen,

The day I set eyes on you.

Now you’re better! Through that pain, we grew stronger.

Thank God, I can live with you for longer.

I’ve never really been in love, so everything feels new,

It was you that I needed and I think I wanna marry you!

Won’t complain about the past even though it took some time,

We’ve always been friends, I was yours and you were mine.

We beat on into the future; the feeling is sublime,

Baby, now I know I really love you.

Now I can shout it from the highest mountain,

I will declare my love for you.

I have no reason to be wasting time doubting,

Baby, you know it’s always been you.


Rap: Protest — The Daily Post

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via Protest — The Daily Post

I was inspired by today’s one-word prompt to write...

I look around in the world, there are many people trying to change,

Trying to change for the better.

But there are people in the world, who won’t let mother earth change for good,

No, they really won’t let her!

It’s sad when you don’t see justice being served,

Due to stereotypes? That is absolutely merde!

It’s absurd people are still judged on the colour of their skin!

I can’t believe this is the world that we are living in.

When I was younger I never felt the need,

To say, declare, or plead,

“Indeed, I am a black girl!”

But when I do something seemingly unconventional,

I get that person who says, “Pretty fly for a black girl!”

Why should my race affect my taste?

Why should my skin determine how I fit in?

Protest against discrimination, protest against hate!

I feel a revolution beginning! 


Rap: Never knew how much I loved you – Part 1

This is a song I wrote inspired by my 2 friends that got married after he found out he no longer had a brain tumour. I wish them the best for their bright future! #BeautifulLoveStory

I never knew how much I loved you.

It took time, but now I know it’s true,

That our love is golden;

I had my heart stolen,

The day I set eyes on you.


We started off as friends,

Not sure about you, I didn’t know where this would end.

You’d send me a message when I get it I would smile,

Looking back at all the signs I should have sensed you from a mile off.

But I played stupid,

Acting like I had no clue.

I blame cupid;

Should have told me what to do.

Instead, I went through,

Too many number two’s.

Now I’m done, found my number one.

I’m in love with you!

It took time to reach that conclusion,

Love blind, many days and nights of confusion,

But when I nearly lost you to that horrible disease,

I had to freeze –

I made my decision with ease.

You held my hand by your bed; I didn’t make you.

I wasn’t going to let another stupid sucker take you.

You remained a fighter and I stuck by your side.

We made it through together, now your arms are open wide.


I never knew how much I loved you.

It took time, but now I know it’s true,

That our love is golden;

I had my heart stolen,

The day I set eyes on you.


I am stunning & so are you!

Some people don’t like to give themselves credit for how awesome they are in the fear that they won’t look humble or they’ll sound like their bragging but I think this is a great thing to do from time to time. 

There is a verse in Proverbs that says: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he“(Proverbs 23:7). This is one of the Proverbs I live by because I believe having a positive mindset can make you a fortune in life, whether that is regarding money, work, relationships or more.

How can we expect to be successful, beautiful, wealthy, stunning, if we don’t think it ourselves!?

SO based on my reading of a few other motivational books (besides the Bible) I’ve made some tips to try and remind us how stunning we are, help with achieving goals and getting a better mindset:

  1. Every morning when you wake up, look in the mirror and pay yourself a compliment.
  2. When someone/ a shop assistant/ a neighbour/ a family member/ a stranger asks “How are you?” ask them back and actually listen (You can make friends/ aquaintances this way)
  3. Write down your goals somewhere and read them EVERYDAY
  4. Plan to achieve these goals – decide what route you’re gonna take
  5. Be a visionary – Visualise where you will be in the future, stick a picture of that car/ house/ holiday somewhere
  6. Start your plan TODAY!
  7. See your plan through – create momentum, keep going & don’t stop!
  8. Become a finisher, no matter how bad; it’s better to reach for the sky and land on a cloud rather than staying on the ground.
  9. Know yourself  – you will do your best if you’re really passionate about your work or whatever you’re doing.
  10. Feel free to make mistakes! That’s how you learn. Just get back up ignore the “haters” as they’re not even trying to change their lives and try again.

With that being said, here’s a song I wrote called: Stunning & you know it.

Dr Suess

Je suis désolée: A drunken apology

Je suis désolée, Je suis désolée.


We were going well,

Until I messed things up.

Now I’m thinking “What the hell?”

How did I cause this flop?

I know, you’re not to blame.

This is all me and now I’m left,

Feeling full of shame.

What happens next?


Just a drink or 2

Is all I said I’d need.

“Girl, I’ll look after you!”

You said that’s your good deed,

But I should have been alright.

I generally know my limit.

But what happened last night?

Je ne sais pas!


You were just being polite when I asked you what did I do

But I must have said,

Something stupid,

That’s why I have to say…

Je suis désolée!

Accept my apology,

For all the crazy things I did

I was drunk, I was stupid.

Je suis désolée!

Baby forgive me

Because I miss you more & more

Can we go back to how we were before?


Je suis désolée, Je suis désolée.



If you’re gonna leave then leave – Verse 2

Remember when you told me you were having doubts?

I waited patiently to let you try and figure things out.

But this time, you can’t fix this, with a quick kiss,

I’m gonna do me; it’s time I be a little selfish.

I’m smiling, living life and I’m not even bitter,

But I hope you’re doing fine despite losing your babysitter.

You’re a quitter! No hate. Just truth. No sinner.

You gave up too fast, I only settle for the winners.


So let’s make it official, moving on I will be killing it.

Don’t start a new argument; trust me I’ll be winning it.

You say you want me to be happy; “find somebody new.”

It won’t really be that hard to find somebody to replace you.

If you want me to lie to you and tell you I’m in love.

Then you really, really, really need some guidance from above,

I tried my best, did everything I could do.

But I’m afraid you won’t find someone new to put up with you.realizing-you-terrible-for-me-breakup-ecards-someecards


If you’re gonna leave the leave – Verse 1

You called me up last night

Telling me you’re sorry that we had a little fight.

“Are we good baby? Are we all right?

The thought of losing you gave me quite a fright!”

But you wanted to end things, you said we were done!

And now you want to change your plea suggesting I’m the one.

Why? you realised your life without me isn’t fun?

I’m moving on to better, you lost and I won!


Today you want to make it work; tomorrow you want to go,

Then you slowly summon me to say, with sorrow, “Let’s take it slow.”

What’s going on in your head? Do you even know?

You may think it’s entertaining; I’m not staying for the show.

You pulled me up and down like I’m some kind of yo-yo,

But uh oh, your string snapped. Now you know I’m letting go,

I’ll be rolling solo so you can rest your elbow,

I don’t know about you, but baby I’m good to go.


Rap: Raindrops 2

In light of what is going on around the world right now, I believe a song I wrote early in my teens is very relevant now. this is the second verse of my rap.

The rich get richer and the poor die trying.

Switch on the news innocent people dying.

Bombs being made, drugs being weighed,

A vision of a good world rapidly fades.

There are those who can live life simple,

Their biggest worry being that they’ve got a large pimple.

But there are those going every night

Living full of fright,

Making their wages, going through stages waiting for that sight,

Of hope, a dream to believe in,

A world they can live and happily receive in.

People fight for justice, people fight for love.

People fight for religion, “Our God is above!”

They say. So they kill to get their point across

If we communicate properly there wouldn’t be so much loss!

If we all could be, like the good we see,

Maybe one day we

Can live in harmony!

The first verse can be found in my older posts, tagged under society and world.