WE STAND TOGETHER! #WestminsterAttacks

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Marks a day I wish we had never seen.

Sitting at my desk on my first full day at work

I heard a colleague from afar; she was going berzerk,

“This crazy man crashed his car and he’s running around with a knife!”

Another colleague said, “At least nobody has lost their life.”

But we spoke too soon, listening to updates on the news.

The sun shone yellow through the window but we were left feeling blue.

“Around 8 to 10 injured people were left lying on their backs!”

A witness described. “It’s probably a terrorist attack.”

Said another collegue from her chair with shock on her face.

“Maybe he’s Muslim.” No! I’d call that a disgrace!

A disgrace of human nature, a disgrace to Britain

A disgrace of religion and what has been written

In the holy book that so many people follow.

Yes, it varies in every religion but what I find hard to swallow

Is that interpretation that makes one feel so supreme;

That they can rise above God and cut lives short as they scheme,

Against the life He had planned for Aysha Frade, a mother of two;

PC Keith Palmer, a kind and loving officer who

Risked his own life. Leslie Rhodes was a neighbour, a friend.

Kurt Cochran, a loving husband. All these lives came to an end!

Because one man felt it was his place to be

Driving in the front seat, killing comfortably.


This horrible news has left millions shaken,

But nobody should be left mistaken,

Thinking we will crumble, devolve into war.

We stand together! Our unity is definitely worth fighting for!


We stand together!

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