My #EgoChallenge

I’ve met a number of people who have said I can’t be as big as I want to be our do what I want to do, either because statistics are against me, my skin, my gender or because they were just demotivated themselves.😬 I know I will do great things, whatever they may be, so yes I have a big ego but that’s part of me! 

You’ve got to have faith over fear,

I keep them haters out my ear.

You tryin’ to say something? I can’t hear.

Don’t need your negativity, child, you’re chatting air!

Bare breeze I’m feeling but I’m sliding through.

I keep it real so you watch how I do.

I’ll be running up that mountain,

I’ll be running up that hill,

You can waste your time keep stunting,

Don’t tell me how rock bottom feels!

The sky’s the limit there’s no stopping – me.

I’m soaring, flying high, I am so – free.

I’m using every metaphor,

You’ve never felt like this before

So be my guest, come on, I’ll let you pree.😏

Come take a walk on the greener side,

You must be sick and tired of being on the meaner side.

I never ever thought I’d meet a content non-achiever.

Then I saw your face and now I’m a believer!😂



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