If you’re gonna leave the leave – Verse 1

You called me up last night

Telling me you’re sorry that we had a little fight.

“Are we good baby? Are we all right?

The thought of losing you gave me quite a fright!”

But you wanted to end things, you said we were done!

And now you want to change your plea suggesting I’m the one.

Why? you realised your life without me isn’t fun?

I’m moving on to better, you lost and I won!


Today you want to make it work; tomorrow you want to go,

Then you slowly summon me to say, with sorrow, “Let’s take it slow.”

What’s going on in your head? Do you even know?

You may think it’s entertaining; I’m not staying for the show.

You pulled me up and down like I’m some kind of yo-yo,

But uh oh, your string snapped. Now you know I’m letting go,

I’ll be rolling solo so you can rest your elbow,

I don’t know about you, but baby I’m good to go.



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