Rap: Raindrops 2

In light of what is going on around the world right now, I believe a song I wrote early in my teens is very relevant now. this is the second verse of my rap.

The rich get richer and the poor die trying.

Switch on the news innocent people dying.

Bombs being made, drugs being weighed,

A vision of a good world rapidly fades.

There are those who can live life simple,

Their biggest worry being that they’ve got a large pimple.

But there are those going every night

Living full of fright,

Making their wages, going through stages waiting for that sight,

Of hope, a dream to believe in,

A world they can live and happily receive in.

People fight for justice, people fight for love.

People fight for religion, “Our God is above!”

They say. So they kill to get their point across

If we communicate properly there wouldn’t be so much loss!

If we all could be, like the good we see,

Maybe one day we

Can live in harmony!

The first verse can be found in my older posts, tagged under society and world.



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