RAP: Send my love (To your new lover)

When I heard this song on Adele’s album 25, I just felt a rap would fit so nicely so…

So I heard you found somebody new, good for you.

But you’ll always know “they won’t love you like I love you”

I loved you, but you had your own thing going,

Knowing you,  you’d prefer to have everything else growing but us.

Make a fuss of your new found bae

Treat her better, listen to what she has to say.

Maybe get up if she says that she wants to play.

You better fess up if you know why you acting strange.

Change it up boy! You don’t always have to be the boss,

We know who did a better job between the both of us.

You talk a big game but you ain’t got much to show for it,

All guys ain’t the same; at least others would make a go of it.

But things are going well now I’ve had time to grow

No boy’s nagging I’m always wrong or telling me stuff I know.

You see I don’t make mistakes boy. I just use to date them.

But what’s really great boy is that I don’t need to rate them.

No need for the glasses I ain’t throwing shade

Just shining a light, giving advice, call it my legal aid.

Wanna learn how else to be a man go and ask another brother.

But in the mean time send my love to your new lover boy!

For an audio version, please click here!

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