An attempted translation of Rihanna’s song Work

I absolutely LOVE this song and that catchy chorus so I wouldn’t change a thing! But…

The reason I believe a translation had to done

Is because these lyrics haven’t been understood by everyone.

“It’s gibberish”, “It’s nonsense!”, that’s what people say

Because they can’t comprehend the dialect and this is not OK!

It’s completely understandable that not everyone understands

But imagine if your language was given a “mumbo-jumbo” brand.

So in honour of Rihanna and this song that makes us want to twerk,

I’ll provide a translation of the catchy song in which she put in:

Work work work work work work

He said I have to

Work, work, work, work, work, work!

He sees me do my

Dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt!

So I put in

Work, work, work, work, work, work

When will you all

Learn, learn, learn, learn, learn

I don’t care if he’s

Hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurting…


Watch the 2 part (Explicit) video here



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