Rap: Raindrops


Well there’s problems everywhere, some people do not care!

Some people try to help, some people do not dare!

Some people go around, living their lives completely unaware

Of the bad struggle and strife around them. Round and round struggle comes and goes,

Instead of friends increasing people have more foes,

And it shows!

Black Eyed Peas asked, “Where is the love?”

We must still be searching, ’cause there’s problems like pov-erty.

And generosity is hard to find,

Just look around you, you’ll be lucky to find somebody genuinely kind.

If we want to see a stronger wiser nation,

the future generation

Needs a better education!

Rain drops in place; it’s a blessing from above!

The weather brings families together; they express their love,

If we all could be,

The good we see,

Maybe one day we,

Could live in harmony!


5 thoughts on “Rap: Raindrops

  1. That was pretty cool! I don’t really “get” rap but I do appreciate what your story is telling. It would be really nice if the world was a kinder more gentle place. I might be wrong but I’m starting to see rap music as poetry so if you don’t mind me asking, ” how did you become interested in it?”

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    • Thank you so much! I never did too! I think it’s because so many popular rap songs are about how rich/ bad/ cool/ hard they are because they drive nice cars or have a lot of girls. I sometimes don’t even understand what some rap lyrics mean. I became interested because I wanted to fuse my poetry with music but in a style that anyone can understand.

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