Writing 101: Commit to a Writing Practice: #3 – A day in the life by The Beatles

Write about the three most important songs in your life – what do they mean to you?


 Bringing it back to my British roots, this song has got to be one of the greatest songs in history! This is important in my life as it simply helped me get an A in an exam (I studied it for my A level music course). It is such a unique song that also showed me an orchestra can still be relevant in the modern ever changing music scene and it doesn’t even need to be used the conventional way. There is an amazing crechendo with the whole orchestra going up in semitones and no body but The Beatles could have pulled that off.

It is such a contrast to the charming vocals of Paul and John singing about what the ordinary man does (despite the fact that they lived extraordinary lives). The las reason it is important is that it showed me the importance of music. Did you know The Beatles were getting tired of fans screaming over their music and not listening to the true meaning of their songs? That is why they recorded an audience applaud and put it at the stat of their song, giving listeners at home a great concert experience. It’s such a weird song that it just makes it great! Oh, what a talented bunch!


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