Writing 101: Unlock the Mind: New day = A gift

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 12.18.43

You wake up in the morning and what do you see?

You’re no longer dreaming, you’re back to reality.

You hear the street noise, motorcycles: vroom vroom vroom,

The noise of people with their fast cars comes into your room.

Get out of bed,

Shake your head,

Now the dream is gone.

It’s weird, you said you would be gone by now,

But you’re still one

person living the mundane lifestyle.

And it’s something you’ve been hoping to change for a while.

You go to work, miss the tube, so you’re late again.

Your boss says, “Fix up mate, work began at ten!”

So this is what you get for working all those hours.

You waste you’re time and do your days devour,

No flowers?

No gifts?


But that’s what a new day is,

And isn’t it pleasant!

“Today is a gift,

And that’s why it’s called present.”


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